Monika Scherer.

Monika’s teachings are deeply rooted in alignment based Hatha Yoga practices. With many years of practice and trainings with non-linear movement teachers, she encourages the practitioners to explore shifting weight and integrating body strength in motion. To let unfold the inherent wisdom of the body and to find ease in the challenge, Monika combines these two approaches. The body moves in a natural flow and finds stillness, the breath takes over and calms the mind. Monika teaches also breath awareness and Pranayama techniques to guide the students into the quiet space.

In the experience of various physical and mental states in this process lies the potential for a less reactive and more creative way of living. Through sensitizing our perception and slowing down, we come to realize that there is choice and we can engage in the cultivation of integritiy and availability. Our on-the-spot awareness gets sharpened and every moment of our lives becomes an opportunity for practice. Over time, as we become more skillful in being with uncomfortable, maybe even previously unknown conditions, reactivity becomes replaced by a responsiveness that contributes to and inspires the welfare of all.

Certified 800 teacher training hours and 2 years teacher’s assistance. Many more hours spent on retreat, immersions and workshops, in class and everyday practice. Education and practice is an ongoing process that never stops.

To all my formal and informal teachers, I bow. May the merit of these practices serve all beings.