Fridays 17.30 Yoga Culture Oerlikon

Saturdays 09.20 Yoga am Fluss (starting from May)

March Wednesdays 20.00 Airyoga Fabrikstrasse

Check the schedule here for more dates.


In my early days of practice, I‘ve been through injuries such as wrists and hamstrings. Later on after pregnancy, pelvic floor and SI joint became a topic. It’s big teachings. A reminder to feeling the whole body in movement, honouring its unique constitution.

A Yoga practice is not performance. It‘s dancing that fine line of effort and surrender. That is highly individual. And wholesome.

Turn towards all your body with tenderness. Meet all those parts that have been neglected or forgotten. That you have not been patient with. With love. Who else would, if not you yourself.


slow and deep practice on wednesday nights. from feb 27 to april 3.

20.00 airyoga zurich.

Om gananam tva ganapatim havamahe

Kavim kavinam upamasravastamam

Jestha rajam brahmanam brahmanas pata a nah

Srnvannutibih sida sadanam

„The intelligence that Ganesh represents does not really need a point of view, because it’s resting in a direct experience of reality.“ Richard Freeman in ‚Yoga Chants‘