approaching inversions.

saturday july 14 2-4pm @ yogatribe studio nordstrasse 195

this workshop is designed to understand the principles of upside down postures like head stand, forearm stand and hand stand. it prepares the work for a safe approach to these poses and focuses on integration into the personal practice.

for intermediate practitioners or those, who feel ready for the work. options are given.

please reach out, if you have any questions.

workshop Fr. 40.-, all props provided.

sign-up here.


offering a new class thursdays 6.15 pm @yogatribestudio

thanks to all you beautiful souls out there.

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practice intimacy.

this sunday night class at @airyoga_zurich 18.15

gentle tunes and evening sun

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offering a gentle practice to renew and restore. next wed may 23 20.00 yoga tribe studio.