regular classes.

Monday 09.30 Yoga Moves Winterthur

Tuesday 18.00 das Yoga Haus

Friday 09.30 das Yoga Haus

Saturday 09.20 Yoga am Fluss

Tuesday and Thursday 09.00 Gessnerallee in turn with Marie, Andres and Stefania


the self and things of the world are just as they are.

the gate of freedom is open.



the more intimate you become with something, the less personal it is.

what is your practice.


„What is your practice?“ Yun Men was asked by a student. „An appropriate response.“ He replied.

May there be time, space and inspiration for all of us to explore. May our practice be awake and inform our lifes. May it serve ourselves. And therefore serve all beings.


teaching classes alternating with marie, andres and stefania. tuesday and thursday 09.00 – 10.00.

„Life and death are of supreme importance
Time passes swiftly and opportunity is lost
Let us awaken, awaken
Do not squander your life“
– Evening Gatha as recited in various Zen communities.