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time is prescious.

being bored is being stuck in the present moment. it’s resistance and it’s holding on to something that is not. but boredom is also a gateway. allowing softness, we can feel into it and enter a state of being. or we allow distraction, a movement, a doing, to get into any kind of flow. toward creativity or stillness or to land back in stuckness again.

in meditation it‘s quite the same. to focus on the breath for example or to focus on energy is a kind of doing. in that absorbtion, when practiced for a while, something releases and the self subsides.

it’s very difficult to focus if there is a lot of tension in body and mind. and too much expectations make many of us give up at that stage.

but there is choice. with humility and curiosity, with patience and compassion, with commitment and support, we allow form to take place, and we stop to fight. we go with it, not against it, and become nondirectional. we then get out of the way, to make space for a potential, a whole new world.

time is such a luxury, my friends.


simple short sequences after or inbetween running or cleaning or any other warming up activity. soothing postures and movements, followed by a simple breathing exercise.