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october 4 airyoga 10.00 / 12.00

october 8 viadukt 18.15 / 19.45

october 11 rote fabrik 12.15

october 12 yoga am fluss 09.20

october 15 yoga tribe 19.15

october 16 yoga am fluss 19.00

october 19 yoga am fluss 09.20

october 29 yoga am fluss 17.15 / 18.30

october 30 gessnerallee 09.00

october 30 airyoga 18.15


I offer private classes for young mothers to reconnect and make friends with their new body. Together we might find ways to establish practices that fit into your every day life to feel and find nourishment and ease. Creative, intuitive and strenghtening movement as well as restoratives, integration of pelvic floor, breathwork. At your home or mine, best when your child sleeps to have a little window for yourself.

that date.

mmmh what a smooth date last night … evening light. a little breeze. five songs only. silence. body feeling. and your lovely faces… thank you.

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