the moon within.

a journey deep into the silent space of the heart. the body rests in savasana after some gentle movement. travelling through the layers. body scan. breath. nothing to do. but the subtle effort to surrender.

everyone welcome. if you are new to this. come. no experience needed.


to sit with the beautiful, the sad, the aching, the irritating, the shimmering, the hot, the confusing, the mighty, the tiring, the decomposing.

nothing. more.

Fridays 17.30 Yoga Culture Oerlikon

Saturdays 09.20 Yoga am Fluss (starting from May)

March Wednesdays 20.00 Airyoga Fabrikstrasse

Check the schedule here for more dates.

rewrite stories.

I was asked last night why one should practice yoga. Today I’d say. If you feel there is something in it for you. Stick to it.


The trees change colours now and let go of their leaves. Life force gathers in the roots during winter time for that the green returns in spring. That green of hope.

Inhale and exhale and inhale again. And in between the preparing of the fullness to come or emptiness.

Practice reflection of cyclic patterns. Widen and surrender into that space.