the star lit night sky. the clear cold whirling water. the wind in the grasses. and the golden evening sun. constantly recall the present moment. and remember the body to soften and to breathe.

evening chant.

„Life and death are of supreme importance
Time passes swiftly and opportunity is lost
Let us awaken, awaken
Do not squander your life“
– Evening Gatha as recited in various Zen communities.


regular classes.

Monday 09.30 Yoga Moves Winterthur

Tuesday 12.00 Yoga Culture Oerlikon

Tuesday 18.00 das Yoga Haus

Thursday 09.00 Gessnerallee / once a month

Saturday 09.20 Yoga am Fluss



Explore your inner landscape with curiosity. If you try to find someone else’s experience in your body, if you focus on how practice should feel or look like. You miss the jucy part.

Das Yoga Haus classes Tuesdays 18.00


the word „actually“ keeps us from being in relationship with the present moment.
love. letting go. compassion. are only real in a felt experience that is happening now.