regular classes.

Monday 09.30 Yoga Moves Winterthur

Tuesday 18.00 das Yoga Haus

Thursday 09.00 Gessnerallee / once a month

Friday 09.30 das Yoga Haus

Saturday 09.20 Yoga am Fluss



the word „actually“ keeps us from being in relationship with the present moment.
love. letting go. compassion. are only real in a felt experience that is happening now.


Om gananam tva ganapatim havamahe

Kavim kavinam upamasravastamam

Jestha rajam brahmanam brahmanas pata a nah

Srnvannutibih sida sadanam

„The intelligence that Ganesh represents does not really need a point of view, because it’s resting in a direct experience of reality.“ Richard Freeman in ‚Yoga Chants‘

Turn towards all your body with tenderness. Meet all those parts that have been neglected or forgotten. That you have not been patient with. With love. Who else would, if not you yourself.

To sit with the beautiful, the sad, the aching, the irritating, the shimmering, the hot, the confusing, the mighty, the tiring, the decomposing.

Nothing. More.

The trees change colours now and let go of their leaves. Life force gathers in the roots during winter time for that the green returns in spring. That green of hope.

Inhale and exhale and inhale again. And in between the preparing of the fullness to come or emptiness.

Practice reflection of cyclic patterns. Widen and surrender into that space.