love is not conditional nor unconditional. love is, simply. it‘s our own narrow perspective that sets those conditions. that separates us from love. we don‘t have to do that. we don‘t have to.

how we support each other

we hold space for each other in many different and often unexpected ways.
over distance, in silence,
beyond the obvious,
beyond time and space.

a dream, a memory, a piece of art.
a word, a glance, a touch.
any other appearance.

audio class

This 15 min audio class can be practiced in your lunch break or any time during the day, where you have a little space to breathe. Enjoy!


sometimes sangha is the people that sit with you on retreat. sometimes it’s the people you share a ride on public transport with. or the people that help out in the neighbourhood. the ones you carry in your heart is sangha. and the ones you don‘t want to let in. sometimes wild animal in front of the window is sangha. wherever you are. there is sangha.

from a place of ressources.

sometimes I feel there is a gap between what is offered as practice and life. words like „practice gratitude“ are too distant from a place of deficiency.

but we can always turn to something, that‘s already there. the breath. that vital body. the cycle of seasons in the trees. still there.

before the conceptual mind snaps in. a felt sense in the body before language. what a relief.

„The Self and things of the world are just as they are. The gate of freedom is open.“ – Dogen


wednesdays 08.30 – 09.30

fr. 10.- / bring your own mat

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