the closer you get. the more intimate you become with something. the less personal it is.

Michael Stone


„What is your practice?“ Yun Men was asked by a student. „An appropriate response.“ He replied.

Connected with every part of ourselves. And therefore with the whole universe.  In loving-kindness. An appropriate response will naturally arise.


the reason we take armors up. distract, avoid and hide. the reason we separate from the world, ultimately. is our clinging. to a state of being. an outcome. the way we see the world. the way we want to be seen by the world.

and if we are open. flexible to whatever we meet. then we don‘t have to do anything about it. we touch this world. and become one.

we can hold space for all of it. we can. contain. the world.

Radical interdependence practice.


Voluntary poverty: Radical simplicity

Tuning into the needs of others and ourselves

Developing an ecological self: Awareness of interdependency

Demonstrate the commitment, show and spread 


the subtle effort of effortlessness.

in other words. simply be yourself.

the most difficult thing.


see the reflection of your own buddha nature. in everything. in everyone.

Turn towards all your body with tenderness. Meet all those parts that have been neglected or forgotten. That you have not been patient with. With love. Who else would, if not you yourself.

To sit with the beautiful, the sad, the aching, the irritating, the shimmering, the hot, the confusing, the mighty, the tiring, the decomposing.

Nothing. More.