yoga inside.

saturdays 09.20 im yoga am fluss.

sign up for this small group class with me directly and bring your own mat. regular studio prices.


please have a seat. let life inspire you. allow the spark within to be ignited. allow to shine your light. practice.

find support in group classes or one to one sessions. online or in person. I am so very delighted to walk the path together.


creativity and openness. sweet surrender. gratitude.

one to one sessions are a great way to refine your practice and explore the deeper dimensions.

I offer creative ways to explore body movement with or without props and restorative poses according to your individual setting.

Breathwork consists of breathing awareness and traditional Pranayama techniques, leading into the more subtle realms of meditative practices.

Sessions can be booked on a regular base, as mini retreats or singularly. In your home or mine, props included.

life happens NOW.

there is no ‚after’ this present moment and no ‚before‘. what you perceive as ‚now‘ has already been there, and what will be roots in ‚what is‘. your awareness shines a light on a hidden timeline. do you see?

accordingly, don’t practice as if there would be a ‚later’. there is none.

on donation.

all online classes are donation based. if you feel you want to contribute, please use

twint via +41 79 353 50 12 oder IBAN CH34 0900 0000 4023 8880 5 and leave me a comment.

thank you.