resting on the ground of what is.

it’s not what we want. or not want. that keeps us from being.

the wanting itself creates the tension.

when wanting falls away. we rest on the ground of what is.

the inner nature of things

„the knowing through experience is much more profound than the intellectual unterstanding.

allow the understanding to come from experience, it’s the experience that touches us in deep places, it’s that being touched that brings about transformation.

being touched very deeply allows the letting go.“

from a talk of norman feldman.

most intimate.

Sitting quietly,
one minute, one hour, no matter,
finding the quiet within
I find myself again and again.

Finding myself, I offer the quiet light
to those on the street, in the office,
all around me.

To the lost and suffering beings, to the bewildered
and questioning,
even to the bare tree with its leafless
branches filled with chirping sparrows.

From „Most intimate“ / Roshi Pat Enkyo O‘Hara


love is not conditional nor unconditional. love is, simply. it‘s our own narrow perspective that sets those conditions. that separates us from love. we don‘t have to do that. we don‘t have to.

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how we support each other

we hold space for each other in many different and often unexpected ways.
over distance, in silence,
beyond the obvious,
beyond time and space.

a dream, a memory, a piece of art.
a word, a glance, a touch.
any other appearance.

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