ONLINE class 04 / 11

This practice leads from fluid bends and stretches into balance in motion. Maybe handstand. Then forward folds and legs up the wall. Closing with the fearless heart mudra.

I support your practice with all level movement and posture teachings in swiss german, restorative poses with minimal props as well as pranayama and meditation practices. After subscription, you’ll get the link to the video. You support my work with a single payment of CHF 8 – or less or more, choose your option according to your financial situation.

If there is any trouble with the payment process, let me know. If you want to Twint, write a short message to 079 353 50 12 and I will send you the link to the video.

Thank you for practicing with me.

You can also subscribe to get all access to every new weekly published video and all previously published classes. The monthly charge of CHF 24 can be cancelled any time. Subscribe here.

ONLINE class 03 / 11

Fluidity an stability combined! To make space in the body, opening and strengthening the sides / shoulders / hips. Twists and balance. Dhanurasana and forearm stand options.


let life inspire you. allow the spark within to be ignited. allow to shine your light.

find support in group classes or one to one sessions. online or in person. I am so very delighted to walk the path with you.


Reconnecting to the inner world and finding balance and stability is more than important in these troubled times. And while it’s still possible to attend public classes, I am working on online videos to support anyones personal practice. There is already great content available in the www. But I think to maintain relationship with a community that we are already part of is the greatest support we can offer to each other.

Private classes are also a great option to deepen the connection to oneself. To check and harmonize and nourish the system with the help of various props and personal guidance at home or some neutral practice space. So that we can thrive even in times of uncertainty. May we all benefit from facing these challenges with equanimity and ease.

yoga am fluss.

saturday morning classes are cancelled … but I’ll teach susan’s december classes.

please reach out if you have questions or comments or if you want to meet for a private class. thank you.


continues! 14 people only – first come first serve

tuesday and thursday 7.30-8.30 / 9-10

wear mask until placed on your own mat. fr. 8.- cash or twint


creativity and openness. sweet surrender. gratitude.

one to one sessions are a great way to refine your practice and explore the deeper dimensions.

I offer creative ways to explore body movement with or without props and restorative poses according to your individual setting.

Breathwork consists of breathing awareness and traditional Pranayama techniques, leading into the more subtle realms of meditative practices.

Sessions can be booked on a regular base, as mini retreats or singularly. In your home or mine, props included.

life happens NOW.

there is no ‚after’ this present moment and no ‚before‘. what you perceive as ‚now‘ has already been there, and what will be roots in ‚what is‘. your awareness shines a light on a hidden timeline. do you see?

accordingly, don’t practice as if there would be a ‚later’. there is none.

the entrance is everywhere.

being bored is being stuck in the present moment. it’s resistance and it’s holding on to something that is not. but boredom is also a gateway. allowing softness, we can feel into it and enter a state of being. or we allow distraction, a movement, a doing, to get into any kind of flow. toward creativity or stillness or to land back in stuckness again.

in meditation it‘s quite the same. to focus on the breath for example or to focus on energy is a kind of doing. in that absorbtion, when practiced for a while, something releases and the self subsides.

it’s very difficult to focus if there is a lot of tension in body and mind. and too much expectations make many of us give up at that stage.

but there is choice. with humility and curiosity, with patience and compassion, with commitment and support, we allow form to take place, and we stop to fight. we go with it, not against it, and become nondirectional. we then get out of the way, to make space for a potential, a whole new world.

time is such a luxury, my friends.